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Asia’s specialist Chinese Donor Egg Bank

We are the only specialist Chinese Donor egg bank in Asia.

Our donors are screened to all international standards including Carrier testing at our partner lab in the USA at Johns Hopkins and our embryologists are Cryotech certified.

Our Group is also the only donor service in Asia to achieve accreditation with Health Canada as an egg donor oocyte provider and we offer ‘Known’ and ‘Anonymous’ donors.

Our Chinese Donor Egg Bank increases your patient options

Having access to our egg bank increases the options you can offer your patients. You do not have to employ extra staff to run your own donor service or be concerned about donor screening and profiling. Our egg bank service offers you the perfect solution for a rapidly increasing fertility service that is changing patient requests. Our donor bank service will not only help you increase your patient numbers but increase your patient retention rate.

We can ship to your clinic (conditions apply)

We can ship eggs direct to your clinic, (if allowed by your government), or your patients can have sperm collected or sent  to our embryology department and we can develop their embryos and transport them to your preferred location.

Government export licence

We hold a government license allowing us to export eggs, embryos and sperm to any country where it is legal to import them. Our partner courier services are amongst the most experienced in the world and have many years’ experience hand carrying shipments to countries such as the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, all countries in seAsia, Europe and India.

You can contact us via email at the link below or Whatsapp +60-175-792-706 to speak directly with a member of our Overseas Program Team.