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Egg Bank Asia World Class Services

We strive to provide world-class service

As Asia’s leading Egg Donor Service and only dedicated Asian Donor Egg Bank we also offer the following World Class services:

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Phone number: +60-12-579-2006    WeChat ID: EggBankAsia

Our Whatsapp number is: +60-12-579-2706, please feel free to contact Us.



We specialise in offering the highest quality eggs using the very latest in freezing technology. Our embryologists are Cryotech certified and achieve an average of 98% egg thawing rates.

We do our best to keep prices at an affordable level- well within the budget range for most families. Our caring and very experienced fertility consultants will start you on the path to creating the family you dream of in as little as 4-weeks.

Phone number: +60-12-579-2006

WeChat ID: EggBankAsia


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