Fresh Donor Cycles

Quality fresh donor cycles from know and anonymous donors.
You can choose from profiles we send you
• Chinese and Caucasian Egg Donors Programs

Fresh egg donor cycles have advantages too!

If you decide our Egg Bank Service is not for you then we can offer you a fresh donor cycle incldudng with a ‘known’ donor. The advantage is you receive all the eggs from the cycle. The average being 12 to 20 mature (M2 mature) eggs. Importantly we do not overstimulate our donors as many clinics do. Our focus is on ensuring the best quality eggs and protection of the donors’ health and future wellbeing.
You can choose from profiles we send you and many of the donors will have eggs already stored in our egg bank.

A fresh cycle has a little more uncertainty involved as you do not know exactly how many mature eggs your donor will have at retrieval but if you choose an experienced donor we will be able to provide a good estimate of what you might reasonably expect.

We have three groups of donors;

Why Next Generation Sequencing is superior

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a genetic test that significantly improves pregnancy rates by up to 68% and also allows you to choose the gender of your child. This Gender Choice works by detecting small amounts of missing or extra genetic material (DNA) known as ‘copy number variants’.

NGS is able to detect small copy number variants that were previously not detectable by methods such as PGD. The test is performed by amplifying embryo cells to identify the amount of DNA they contain and examining all chromosome pairs for abnormalities.

Caucasian Egg Donors

Although we specialise in Asian donors we also have our own Caucasian egg donor program. All the donors are experienced and have pregnancies resulting from their donations. We are the only donor service in seAsia to source our own Caucasian donors and we do not rely on agencies like other clinics do.

Chinese Egg Donors

Because we specialise in Chinese egg donors we have many available for our egg bank and fresh cycles. Importantly, we aim for quality rather than quantity and our donors are much sought after by other clinics and we receive many requests to supply eggs to clinics and egg banks in North America and other parts of the world.

‘Known’ Chinese Egg Donors

Most of our donors prefer to remain anonymous but we have a number beautiful and accomplished donors who are willing to be identified so your child can obtain their contact details when he or she reaches 18. Egg donors are required to be identified by countries such as Australia and we usually have enough ‘known’ donors available for you to make a good choice. However they are very popular and demand for them is high so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested.

If you would like more information please contact us at the link below.