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Gender Choice

Gender Choice is available

You can choose the gender of your child using our NGS service which gives you the very best chance of having the boy or girl you dream of.

Advanced Genetic Testing

Although all our egg donors undergo a comprehensive screening process it is not possible to guarantee 100% that your child will be free of complications. It is a fact of Nature and influences such as the father’s genetic history can be significant.

However, by using Advanced Genetic Testing such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) you can greatly reduce the chances of such an occurrence ever happening. NGS also accurately identifies gender so you can choose the gender of your child with complete confidence.

Why NGS is superior

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a genetic test that significantly improves pregnancy rates by up to 68% and also allows you to choose the gender of your child. It works by detecting small amounts of missing or extra genetic material (DNA) known as ‘copy number variants’.

NGS is able to detect small copy number variants that were previously not detectable by methods such as PGD. The test is performed by amplifying embryo cells to identify the amount of DNA they contain and examining all chromosome pairs for abnormalities.

The NGS Procedure

Similar to standard IVF treatment, eggs are retrieved and fertilised. Five days later at the blastocyst stage, a small number of cells are removed from the growing embryos and NGS is used to check for any significant abnormalities present in the chromosomes. In effect, it scans the DNA packed in the cells' chromosomes for any abnormalities.

Based on the information gained, it is possible to ensure that only embryos with the correct number of chromosomes are transferred, greatly improving pregnancy rates - by up to 68%.

Studies by Oxford University have also shown genetic screening has an accuracy rate of greater than 95% for detecting abnormal embryos.





We specialise in offering the highest quality eggs using the very latest in egg freezing technology. Our embryologists are Cryotech certified and achieve an average of 98% egg thawing rates.

We do our best to keep prices at an affordable level- well within the budget range for most families. Our caring and very experienced fertility consultants will start you on the path to creating the family you dream of in as little as 4-weeks.

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