IVF Egg Donors

IVF may still be an option

Even with all the advances in medical science, IVF with ICSI is still an effective answer for situations when a couple is unable to achieve a successful pregnancy using natural methods.

The same basic procedure applies whether you are having an IVF/ICSI cycle yourself – or your egg donor is having the IVF and gifting you her eggs.

Who can have an IVF cycle?

Egg Donor Patients

As specialists in Caucasian and Asian egg donation, most of our patients are receiving embryos developed from their donor’s eggs and partner’s sperm. In this case, it is the donor who has the IVF treatment.

Family Balancing- Gender Choice

Where a couple, for personal or medical reasons, wishes to choose the gender of their children. The procedure requires IVF/ICSI to enable the PGS or NGS cycle needed for gender choice.

Single women using donor sperm

While some women prefer IUI the success rates are rarely better than natural conception –usually resulting in disappointment and waste of valuable donor sperm. IVF/ICSI, particularly when combined with NGS, offers the best chance of a successful outcome.

Difficulty Conceiving resolved with a Frozen Embryo Transfer

It has been proven that success rates are higher if embryos are frozen after an IVF cycle and the Intending Mother takes a pause in her treatment for one or two months to allow the after-effects of her IVF medication to subside. Frozen Embryo Transfers in this situation results in higher pregnancy success rates.

We pride ourselves on the fact that each of our patients is treated as an individual case and their treatment plan is formulated accordingly, to maximise their chance of success. If you would like advice about your particular case please talk to one of our professional consultants.