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We are the oldest and most trusted Egg Donor service in Asia.

Established in 2007, we specialise in providing a safe and reliable Chinese Egg Donor service. We partner with clinics around the world including Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan and are known as a highly regarded specialist Chinese Egg Bank service for intending parents searching for a 100% Chinese egg donor.

Canada and the European Union frequently refer their patients to us as we meet all international standards. For example: we are the only egg bank in Asia to have gained accreditation with Health Canada.

Asian Egg Donor Process

We source all our own donors and all treatment and care, egg freezing, and retrievals follow proven and safe protocols.

You benefit from the latest advances in reproductive technology and we are able to offer you the highest quality frozen eggs, or carefully managed fresh cycles to improve your chances of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Our internationally affiliated clinics can assist you with medical services such as ICSI and PGT. Genetic screening is performed at our partner lab in the USA and we can ship to most countries where egg donation is legal. Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable support team if you would like more information about the donor process and how it can help you achieve the family you dream of.

Need Help With Surrogacy?

We understand that deciding which surrogacy service to use can be challenging. Our dedicated and experienced team is here to help you to make the process easier and less stressful.

We have been assisting with surrogacy and egg donation since 2007 and have the experience you need- and thanks to our depth of experience you can be sure your decisions are being supported and checked at each important step.

We have partnerships with reputable surrogacy services in Asia, the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Greece and other countries and can assist gay couples, singles and couples using their own eggs.

Please contact us anytime for more information.

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Chinese Egg Donation for parents in the EU

Our partner clinics are among the most highly regarded in their respective countries, so we are very pleased to be able to introduce you to another partner clinic located in the EU.

If you live in the UK, Germany, Denmark, France or any other country in or near the EU we can help you find a matching donor and refer you to a clinic for your medical procedure.

The process is simple. You choose your donor from profiles we send you (which include photos). Once you have made your choice, we refer you to our EU clinic partner for your medical care and an experienced international IVF Courier will take care of transporting your eggs.

Generally, we are able to ship eggs within 6 to 8-weeks- sometimes sooner if the eggs are already in our bank.

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Can’t carry your own baby?

Sadly, not all women are able to carry a pregnancy. This is an extremely difficult situation to come to terms with and raises all sorts of emotions for both partners.  Our caring consultants can advise and suggest options to create your family

Whether you are using your own eggs or donor eggs, we have an option which gives you the best chance of a happy outcome and the cost, when compared to other expenses in life is very affordable.

Fees start at US$32,000 and a little more if you also require an egg donor.


We can ship to your country

We can export eggs, embryos and sperm to any country where eggs and embryos are able to be legally imported. If we do not have an affiliated clinic in your country you can make your own arrangements as long as there are no legal issues. We can also suggest another option if, for example, you are based in the EU.

All shipments are managed by specialist IVF courier services to ensure that your eggs are not delayed or kept in a custom’s facility waiting for clearance and we have a shipping guarantee for countries where we have affiliated clinics. Safe delivery of your eggs, embryos and sperm is a crucial part of the process and one which we take very seriously.

For further information about our shipping services please contact us

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We promise you the highest level of expertise and compassionate care and support to help you create your family.

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