World standard egg donor screening

We only offer Eggs from Donors who have passed all medical screening and counselling

Our Donor Screening is World Standard

One of the most important factors in egg donation is donor screening.

Our donors undergo the most comprehensive screening process in Asia as we provide eggs from our Egg Bank to North American clinics and Egg Banks and also to other countries such as Singapore and Australia.

Screening in North America is the Gold Standard for donor services so as a parent, clinic or agent you can be assured that all of our donor services are world standard.

All of our Premium donors undergo carrier screening for genetic diseases at our partner lab in the USA. We are the only egg donor service in Asia to do this. Our Group is also the only donor service to achieve registration as a donor egg provider with Health Canada.

Each part of the donor process is carefully monitored. We only offer eggs from donors who have passed all screening tests and our Embryologists are Cryotec Certified which means they must be able to achieve the highest level in the science of Egg Freezing.

For more details please refer to our Screening or Donation Process pages.